Learn lessons from your projects

This is a group retrospective exercise on a currently running or recently completed delivery.

Survey and Session, starting at £3,000 + VAT
(depending on number of people, location and complexity)

Coming to the end of a project?

Want to capture the learning from it and encourage people to take action on it, but not sure how?

Then let us take care of it for you!

We will run a web survey (anonymous to encourage candid contribution) and use the results as a starting point for a ½ day lessons capture session for up to 12 people that we will facilitate online, or on your site. The outputs will be a set of prioritised actions for people in your organisation, with owners, due dates and (optionally) follow-up from us.

This service includes:

  • Pre-session consultation (up to 1 hour)
  • Web survey to identify key themes for review (up to 100 respondents)
  • 15-minute presentation on the importance of learning lessons from projects
  • 30-minute playback of results from web survey
  • Facilitated, 2-3 hour workshop for up to 12 people
  • Signed paperback copy of Ken’s book Learning Lessons from Projects for each workshop attendee (for in-person workshops only)
  • Images of workshop output
  • Web portal listing all actions from workshop, with follow-up “nudges” to prompt action from action owners (remains live for 12 months after workshop)
  • (Optionally) a follow-up session (for example six months after the workshop) to evaluate progress on the actions.

Online workshop or travel to your site up to 100 miles included; other locations subject to arrangement.

“Ken is a master of getting the best out of lessons learned workshops. 

He creates a relaxed and fun environment where there is an absence of blame, and ensures there is a balanced contribution from all attendees. 

The outcome is a set of tangible learnings that can be easily translated back into the working day which enriches the project, the people and ultimately ensures better results for everyone.”

Emma Lurie, Head of Space, ASOS

If you want to benefit from independently run lessons-gathering and action capture…

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