PMO consultancy – how we work

We are an independent PMO consultancy, made up of seasoned PMO professionals.

This brings several benefits to the way that we work with you, our clients…

We can talk and walk

Consultancies typically provide expert advice to clients on a subject with which they need help. In the context of a PMO consultancy, this may be support during a period of major transition, or starting up, developing, running, or closing down project management offices.

Our approach varies with the situation and the client organisation, but is likely to include several of these:

  • A review of how things are working now, or the “as is” situation
  • A review of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the current situation
  • One or more options for how the current situation could be improved, to arrive at a better “to be” situation
  • A proposed set of activities to get you from the current “as is” situation to the proposed “to be” situation
  • Facilitation, support and training to help embed new systems / processes / tools / ways of working

Most consultancies give advice, make recommendations and then step away for you to get on with implementation on your own.

As a PMO consultancy we give advice and make recommendations (from the viewpoint of an educated outsider), but we can also stick around to be at your side to help you through the hard part – the implementation and adoption that gets you from “as is” to “to be” .

We’re self starters

Once we’ve agreed with you what’s required, we’ll start beavering away on it.

We know our stuff, and have been around the block a few times.

We’ll talk to you about how we’re getting on periodically, but for the most part we’ll expect you to leave us to get on with it, and you can expect us to put in as much work as is needed to deliver the results.

And let’s face it, it’s the results you’re after, not more meetings and management overhead, right?

We deliver, then we depart

You engage us as a PMO consultancy for a particular delivery, which we’ll capture and agree with you in a statement of work.

There’s no implied relationship between us beyond that.

So we’ll work with laser focus on that agreed statement of work to get it done (and just that statement of work, so that we’re free from distractions).

After it’s done, we’ll carry out any agreed training or knowledge transfer, and then we’ll move on.

If that happens sooner than we expected, we won’t conjure up more work we can bill you for, and we don’t expect you to find work to “keep us busy”.

We provide the best person we can

We want to make sure that the person working with you on your delivery is the best person we can provide.

If it turns out that isn’t the first person you first speak to or that we put in to work with you, then we’ll substitute them for someone else without a fuss.

We’ll make sure there’s a proper handover, but it’ll all be seamless, and at no extra charge to you.

We don’t need what employees need

Because we are a PMO consultancy and not temporary employees that you bolt-on to your existing team of permanent employees, there’s a whole load of HR-type stuff you may provide for your employees that we don’t need. For example:

  • Computer, software, phone, etc. (we provide our own equipment – you just give us access credentials to your systems if that is required)
  • Training and development (we train our own people, so you don’t need to get involved)
  • A workstation (we’ll come to your premises when we need to for meetings, but for the most part we’ll work from our own premises using our own equipment)
  • Performance appraisals (we take care of all that at our end)
  • Access to staff canteen / gym / well-being facilities / Christmas party (they’re all lovely, but we don’t need or want access – please keep them just for your staff!)

We work on a “remote first” basis

We work best operating from our own premises, remotely from your premises. We can stay in touch using conferencing tools like Teams / Zoom / Skype, and we can collaborate asynchronously using tools like Teams / SharePoint / Miro. We can come to your premises when we need to.

But we don’t need to take up valuable space in your working environment.

We don’t need you to issue us with any equipment.

We don’t need a parking space or a security pass.

So whether you’re concerned about COVID and keen to keep your social distance, or you just want to minimise your facilities footprint by only having people in the office who actually need to be there, then we can support you from where we are.

So, what now?

If you’ve seen enough and you want to talk to us about working together, then let’s spend 30 minutes discussing your goals and how we can help you with our PMO services. Usually takes place via telephone or virtual meeting (via phone, Skype, Zoom, Teams, etc.)

If you’d like to look around a bit more first, then why not take a look at how we’ve helped organisations like yours, and the PMO services we provide.

We’ll be here when you’re ready to talk.