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We provide PMO services to help you resolve whatever PMO problem you’re currently facing. We can help with a wide range of things, but as a starter for ten take a look at the example PMO services below…

Programme level

  • Get set up for success
    If you’re outside your comfort zone with project management nitty-gritty, let’s set you up with firm foundations based on established project management techniques.
  • Goal-oriented Governance
    Create governance groups with agreed terms of reference and membership. Reporting that drives decisions, and follow-up that drives action.
  • Savvy scheduling
    Create a dynamic summary schedule of projects, activities, key dates and dependencies, with filters. To enable you to identify risks to delivery while there is still time to do something about it.
  • Tools for teamwork
    Improve programme teamwork and transparency by setting up a team collaboration site using standard office software tools that you probably already own.
  • Financial Framework
    Finance fundamentals to improve forecasting, monitoring and payment, for better control and predictability in delivery.
  • Choosy change control
    Understand the impacts of proposed changes, and ensure that only appropriate changes are implemented. Enables you to manage costs without compromising quality.
  • Articulate Analytics
    Understand what is going on in your project or programme with visualisations of live delivery data, for better control and predictability in delivery.
  • Learn lessons from your project
    This is a group retrospective exercise on currently running or recently completed delivery.
    Let us help your project or programme to reflect on its delivery experience to extract learning you can apply to future projects. Leads to better risk identification, less reinventing the wheel, and less repetition of past mistakes.
  • Programme delivery support
    Got something BIG going on?
    Are you a programme director running a large, strategic change programme? Are you well versed in the business side of what you’re delivering, but need some PMO services to help with the project or programme management side of things? We can help with that.

Portfolio and Enterprise level

  • Leapfrog your learning
    This is an exercise aimed at improving the way that your organisation learns from the experience of delivering projects.
    Let us help you understand how organisations learn from projects, why it goes wrong, and the steps you can take to help your organisation to learn better from the experience of delivering projects.
  • Portfolio delivery support
    Does your portfolio or enterprise PMO need a strap-on brain?
    Are you a portfolio or enterprise PMO Manager who needs some intelligent PMO services help to implement some changes, or bolster or streamline an existing delivery framework? We can help with that.

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Call us for a Quick Consultation
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Let’s spend 30 minutes discussing your goals and how we can help you with PMO services. Usually takes place via telephone or virtual meeting (via phone, Skype, Zoom, Teams, etc.)

Coaching and Mentoring
(£75 + VAT per hour)

Got a problem?

Want some advice or a sounding board?

Let us share our knowledge and career experiences to help you develop yours. Confidential coaching and mentoring sessions are available on an hourly basis (via video call where possible for a more personal atmosphere, or in face-to-face sessions).

If you’re looking for more than a single session, we can set up a series of sessions to help you set goals and stay on track over time.

We can help you with:

  • Setting up a new programme office – what to do first, how to set up PMO services and run them
  • How to integrate projects and workstreams within a programme so that common themes are identified
  • Moving from a permanent to contract employment model (getting ready, finding work, running a company, creating a social media presence, behaviours once you are on site, etc.)
  • How to run Lessons Learned reviews to elicit problems and identify actionable improvement actions

“Ken spent time with me when I was first looking to go contracting; he provided tips on and opportunities to network with other PMO professionals. We have bashed our heads together on several occasions about PMO process which I have found useful. Always a pleasure to speak to, his passion for Proper PMO is evident!”

Kate G, Portfolio Analyst

“Ken’s friendly and professional approach coupled with his PMO knowledge is what makes him an excellent mentor and coach within this field. He helped me to realise my professional value when I’d lost all hope of getting back to work.

He reviewed my CV and gave me the push I so desperately needed. Once I updated my CV with his suggestions, I went from getting no agency call backs and interviews to landing a fixed term contract within a matter of weeks!

I would happily recommend Ken”

Michelle H, Project Analyst

Sound interesting?

Participation by any individual in the first coaching session constitutes acceptance of Pragmatic PMO’s Coaching and mentoring terms and conditions.

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Is there something we havent mentioned yet that you want some help with? Let’s spend 30 minutes discussing your goals and how we can help you. Usually takes place via telephone or virtual meeting (via phone, Skype, Zoom, Teams, etc.)