Goal-oriented governance

Is your programme governance non-existent or ineffective?

Are you having trouble getting decisions made and stuck to?

Then let us help you create forums that have agreed terms of reference and business representation, with reporting that drives decisions and follow-up that elicits action.

  • We’ll review the organisational context and the business case with you, to ascertain why the programme has been set up, what it is delivering, who will be affected, how they will be affected and when.
  • We’ll design an appropriate governance structure for the size of the project and the risk involved.
  • We’ll propose terms of reference for each governance body, with a meeting schedule and agenda, descriptions of the stakeholder roles and an estimate of the time commitment involved.
  • We’ll propose people to take on the stakeholder roles, and explain how they can contribute and what’s in it for them.
  • We’ll draw up template information packs for each governance body to facilitate information gathering, and template decisions and actions documents for easy communication of decisions and actions after the meetings.
  • We’ll monitor the performance of the governance structure, and make any tweaks necessary to ensure that decisions are being made robustly but without holding up delivery.

This will give your project or programme an organisational structure with agreed terms of reference (ToR), a system of regular reports, and a framework of regular meetings, leading to:

  • Clear visibility of the various programme delivery and decision-making groups, their purpose and authority limits
  • Clear visibility of the escalation route(s) for any programme risks, issues or change requests
  • A reporting “heartbeat”, setting expectations of significant progress with each report interval.
  • Channels enabling the delivery team to raise questions and get answers from stakeholders
  • Business as usual stakeholders receiving updates on the programme and its projects before making decisions.

Thus this service improves transparency of decision-making, and ensures better alignment to the project/programme business case, thereby improving credibility and confidence with stakeholders from across the business.

Timelines depend on priorities, and any other services being delivered concurrently for the same client.

“When Pragmatic PMO was engaged, we had no project management function or framework to support the programme I had come in to recover.

Pragmatic PMO set up a “heartbeat” of regular meetings for the programme team and steering committees (with agreed terms of reference) and created the information packs these meetings would discuss. They set up shared registers for risks, issues, decisions and so on, and ensured that meeting outputs were issued promptly and followed up on.

Essentially Pragmatic PMO implemented just enough project management fundamentals and discipline to enable the programme to robustly deliver some fantastic outcomes for the client. If you are looking for strategic programme delivery support services that you can actually lean on, Pragmatic PMO should be at the top of your list.”

Mark Ferguson, Programme Director

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