Portfolio delivery support

Medium term engagement, fees by agreement

Does your portfolio or enterprise PMO need a strap-on brain?

Are you a portfolio or enterprise PMO Manager who needs some intelligent PMO services help to implement some changes, or bolster or streamline an existing delivery framework?

We can help with that.

We understand what you want

…because we have been where you are now, having led and worked in Portfolio Offices developing and implementing P3M governanceassurance and methodology, and improving reporting approaches.

We understand what your PM customers want

…because we have spent several years delivering projects (from regulation to relocation) across sectors as diverse as Engineering and Insurance. And we have the scars to prove it.

We understand what your CxO customers want

…because we have extensive experience of gathering data and transforming it into meaningful Management Information for CxOs. We are dedicated challengers of “Watermelon” and “Green Side Up” status reporting, and are used to ensuring portfolios live within their means.

We have a knack of ensuring there is just enough process and documentation in place to make sure things are being done robustly and justifiably, but not so much that it gets in the way of your project portfolio delivering your organisation’s change strategy.

We can help you and your PMs get the basics right, embedding lessons of the past into the corporate memory as streamlined processes or personal stories, so that you can raise your aim to improve your PMO’s game.

Sure, a lowest-common-denominator project support person would cost less, but would they represent better value? Do you want someone who will just chase reports and point out typos, or do you want someone who can create it all from scratch, who understands what it means, who actively seeks out gaps and then does something about them?

Do you want someone to knock a few items off your To Do list and make a few holes in your diary, or someone who can read the situation and provide the PMO services you need before you even ask for them?

You know, support you can actually lean on?

“ I brought Pragmatic PMO into the EMEA regional PMO to bring oversight to the Finance project portfolio, and to make improvements to PMO processes in the areas of Financial Management and Stage Gate Reviews.

Ken built good professional relationships with the programme and project teams, helping them to navigate through AIG’s Project Management Lifecycle. He also delivered two significant process improvements: a Finance Report using data extracted from HP PPM Center via SAP Business Objects to give more visibility of financial year budgets (together with monthly splits of expense by resource type); and a project Stage Gate Review and Checklist template. He backed up both of these with process documentation and Quick Reference Guides.

Ken’s approach is friendly but professional, and I would recommend Pragmatic PMO to anyone looking for robust, good quality PMO services and real process improvements.”

Eoin Byrne, Head of Programme Management Office

So, what are you going to do?

You know what to do…