Who we are

Pragmatic PMO Ltd is an independent management consultancy company set up in 2011 to help organisations deliver their projects and programmes, better.

Sometimes we support the controlled delivery of change programmes, providing just the right amount of project or programme support to enable your project managers to get on with delivering projects and programmes, safe in the knowledge that someone is “watching their back”.

Sometimes we monitor and assure change project portfolios, whilst ensuring that CxOs get the information they need to make strategic decisions about those Change programmes.

Our Project Management Office (PMO) professionals are seasoned former Project Managers, and have experience in fields as diverse as engineering and financial services.

To better understand what Pragmatic PMO means, here are a couple of definitions:

(prag•mat•ik) (adj.) descriptive of a way doing things because we believe they are helpful and useful, rather than because a Book / Website / Guru* says so.
(abbr.) Project (or Programme, or Portfolio) Office. Team of professional service-oriented people that provides portfolio insight for CxOs and delivery support to PMs

If you want to find out more:

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