Choosy change control

Is your programme drowning in requests to do extra pieces of work while youre at it?

Do you need to need to take charge, and keep those changes in check?

Then let us set you up with a system to help you to understand the impacts of proposed changes, and ensure that only appropriate changes are implemented.

We can:

  • Work with you to develop a light touch process to review and decide on changes.
  • Set up a change register; explain the process and its rationale to likely change request raisers.
  • Monitor projects and programmes for new change requests; include in the process an initial “sense check” step to confirm the request is aligned with the scope and business case before expending effort on evaluating the impacts.
  • Flag requests for review at the appropriate governance forum (this is for request raisers to make their case, for project managers and workstream leads to flag up any impacts, and for approvers to consider the request).
  • Evaluate the request impact on delivery costs, timescales, product quality, business case benefits, etc.
  • Record decisions in the change register to provide an audit trail.
  • Implement appropriate changes with full governance approval; identify and reject inappropriate changes.

Timelines depend on priorities, and other services being delivered concurrently for the same client.

This approach will give you a view of the pipeline of proposed changes to the approved project or programme baselines (Time, Cost, Quality) and their impact on the project or programme, enabling you to:

  • Weigh up the implications of a proposed change before deciding whether to approve it for implementation.
  • Control scope creep and “gold plating”.
  • Increase the proportion of projects fit for purpose, delivered on time and on budget.
  • Improve financial control of your projects and increase predictability in delivery.
  • Improve transparency of decision-making, and better alignment to project/programme business case.

Timelines depend on priorities, and any other services being delivered concurrently for the same client.

“When Pragmatic PMO was engaged, some of the suppliers had no purchase orders in place and had been working on (steadily diminishing!) good faith for months.

Pragmatic PMO implemented just enough project management fundamentals and discipline to enable the programme to robustly deliver some fantastic outcomes for the client. If you are looking for strategic programme delivery support services that you can actually lean on, Pragmatic PMO should be at the top of your list.”

Mark Ferguson, Programme Director

If you want to take charge and keep changes in check…

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