Get set up for success

Are you an operational manager who has been appointed to manage a strategic programme?

Are you fine with the Business knowledge, but feel a bit out of your depth with project and programme management?

Then let us take care of the heavy lifting for you, and set you up with firm foundations based on established project management techniques!

We’ll spend a day with you reviewing your programme and discuss with you what elements of programme infrastructure you need most and soonest, for example:

  • Goal-oriented governance: project and programme boards with the right people, agreed terms of reference, reporting packs to drive decisions and follow-up packs to ensure action.
  • Savvy scheduling: an integrated schedule of delivery activities, with dependencies, resource allocations and milestones, and filters, so you can identify risks while there is still time to do something about it.
  • Tools for teamwork: a web portal to allow team members to see project documents, work items, and hot topics, with views to focus them on their own activities or give them an overview of the project as a whole.
  • Financial Framework: a cost tracker to compare forecast and actual spend with budget, sliced and diced to enable you to spot and overcome financial problems.
  • Choosy change control: agreed and documented principles, and a register to capture requests and assess impacts, so you can approve the good requests and reject the rest.
  • Articulate Analytics: visualisations of live programme data, so you can see where risks, issues and actions come from and how long it takes to resolve them, to improve your control of the programme and predictability of delivery.
  • Learning lessons: based on Ken’s book Learning Lessons from Projects , reflect on project delivery experience and identify within in useful lessons; use these lessons to improve processes or identify risks in future projects.

We’ll agree a cost / time box using the list as a prioritised backlog, and incrementally deliver items from it to get your project or programme up and running on sound project or programme management foundations.

Travel to your site up to 100 miles included; other locations subject to arrangement.

“When Pragmatic PMO was engaged, we had no project management function or framework to support the programme.

Pragmatic PMO implemented just enough project management fundamentals and discipline to enable the programme to robustly deliver some fantastic outcomes for the client.

If you are looking for strategic programme delivery support services that you can actually lean on, Pragmatic PMO should be at the top of your list.

Mark Ferguson, Programme Director

If you’re outside your comfort zone with project management nitty-gritty and want some help getting “up and running”…

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