The value of an outsider’s perspective

Photograph of a large water-filled acrylic sphere sculpture outdoors. Distorted by the sphere is the caption "The value of an outsider’s perspective"

Recently I undertook a series of business planning sessions with business leadership coach Bekka Prideaux, which were aimed at helping me to work out what I want to achieve with my business and how to get it there. During the sessions, Bekka asked many questions – most of them were pretty simple, but required a lot of thought to answer.

What I wasn’t expecting were the insights and challenges that she came up with, along the lines of “have you ever considered doing x?”, or “so why aren’t you doing y yet?”, or “do you think if might be time to do some z?”

I consider myself an expert in my business, but with hindsight some of these were so plain to see that several times I found myself thinking “why didn’t I think of that?!”

Why was that?

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