Learning lessons from projects

I have been working on writing a book on learning lessons from projects, and various resources to accompany it.

I’m delighted to be able to tell you that the book Learning Lessons from Projects: How it works, how it goes wrong, and how you can do it better is now finished and available to buy in both Kindle and paperback formats on Amazon.

I’ve always had something of a bee in my bonnet about lessons learned.

It saddens me to think that many organisations don’t fully exploit the learning that passes under their noses every day from running projects. I have long thought that there must be something we can do to improve the situation.

So I wrote this book, to provide to project managers and PMO people some pragmatic pointers on (mostly simple) things they can do right now to improve the way that their organisation learns from running projects.

As part of the process, I have:

  • Created three prototypes of lessons learned databases that you can build yourself (in a spreadsheet, in Trello®, and in Microsoft® SharePoint®) with instructions on how to do it yourself.
  • Created a companion web page to host some of the resources I talk about in the book.
  • Proposed a simple video interview format as an alternative to the traditional Lessons Learned report
  • Recorded a series of videos using that format so you can see what they look like, and
  • Made the audio from the interviews available as a podcast that you can download and listen to

So that you can judge for yourself whether they would be useful.

You can take a sneak peek inside the book using this Kindle previewer:

I hope you find the book interesting, and a useful addition to your PMO bookshelf.

Author: Ken

Ken Burrell is a contract Project, Programme and Portfolio Office (PMO) Professional, who makes targeted improvements to PMO practices to add value to Projects, Programmes and Portfolios through engagements of his company Pragmatic PMO. He provides senior management with the analysis they need to make decisions, and gives project and programme managers the support they need to deliver solutions.

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