IR35 MP and Client Briefing Packs

Download a free, editable slide pack that you can use to brief your MP about IR35

Here at Pragmatic PMO, we’re concerned about the damage that will be done to the UK economy and the contracting sector by the looming roll-out of the off-payroll legislation to the private sector.

It’s important that all contractors make their MPs aware of what’s going on so that the review announced by the Chancellor can be a proper review and not a whitewash.

So we’ve created a slide pack sharing some of the latest developments in an eye-catching format.

We thought it might be helpful to share a generic version of that here for everyone and anyone to use in meeting their MP.

Take it with you; present it on your laptop, PDF it and send it to them so they can follow up on the links. If someone has a clever way of hosting this so we can collaboratively update it as the situation changes and don’t have to send copies everywhere, go for it.

I Ken Burrell and Pragmatic PMO Ltd grant you all free licence to do what you like with it (but please leave in the picture credits 😉)

We also have a version that we have prepared (with a little help from our friends at Growth Through Knowledge) that you can use to explain to Clients why Contractors will walk if they don’t carry out proper, fair, individual assessments.

Author: Ken Burrell

Ken Burrell is a Programme and Portfolio Office (PMO) Professional, who through his company Pragmatic PMO makes targeted improvements to PMO practices to add value to Projects, Programmes and Portfolios. He provides senior management with the analysis they need to make decisions, and gives project and programme managers the support they need to deliver solutions.

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