How to calculate RAG status in MS-Project ®

Part of a series on customising Microsoft® Project® to make working with project schedules more useful.
So you’ve created a useful programme schedule, and you are now working on keeping it on the right track, reviewing the plan regularly with the Programme Manager and Project Managers. You will probably review the programme schedule regularly – focussing on on items with Red or Amber RAG status –  but how do you use MS-Project® to ensure that you don’t skip items that probably should have been marked amber or red?

How to customise MS-Project® text fields to calculate RAG Status

This post describes how to calculate RAG status in MS-Project ® by customising a text field to performing some simple tests and calculations with dates.

So why would you want to use this approach, how do you do it, and what’s in it for you as a result? Continue reading “How to calculate RAG status in MS-Project ®”